Republican strategist and campaign consultant to Mitt Romney’s failed 2008 presidential campaign Alex Castellanos published these words today:

The problem with America’s economy is that the last bubble, the “home-mortgage, derivative, credit default swap bubble” popped, as all economic bubbles eventually do. We must never let that happen again.

It is imperative that we re-inflate this bubble immediately.

What? Maybe it’s my semantic nature, but how the hell does one follow up “we must never let” with “we [must] re-inflate”, one sentence following right after the other. This isn’t taken out of context. Those are two complete paragraphs scripted by Castellanos himself.

Don’t re-inflate the bubble. Where do bubbles occur anyways? When the rich get richer. Show me a bubble that popped that was the result of affordable health care or affordable college education. Please, enlighten me. Show me a bubble that resulted from working class families having access to good but affordable food. Show me a bubble pop that was the result of funding social programs like after school art classes, planned parenthood or public transport. All bubbles are the result of the upper eschelon simply advancing their own cause at others’ expense.

[complete biased commentary here]