abc news reports on the Baghdad Symphony Orchestra playing ‘whenever and wherever it can’ despite an average citizen death toll of around 100/day.

baghdad symphony orchestra

abc also calls it Incredible that ‘only one musician has lost his life in the violence since the war’ – personally I would call it Atrocious. but the real appalling part of the story is where they report

Mohammed Qassim plays the violin — a beautiful 19th century violin that he bought in Czechoslovakia 25 years ago and has treasured ever since. But in a raid on his apartment building by U.S. and Iraqi soldiers, his priceless instrument was taken out of its case and smashed to pieces.

why? I just don’t understand why? why was his apartment raided in the first place and what good does it do to destroy musical instruments? to take the instrument out of the case is a very deliberate act – you have to be aware of what you’re doing. what good did it do to destroy this man’s creative livelihood, when he’s trying to make best of the situation. he could leave town like so many others, but he’s brave, more brave than I would be, and he decides to stay and play on. And his reward consists of raids on his home and death threats?


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