During the closing days of the Mike Kelley exhibition at PS1 I was taking a photo of one of Kelley’s Kandor sculptures, while sneakily Taezoo Park was snapping a photo of me snapping a photo; this is the photo I took at that moment:


Aside: It’s amazing how reserved and repressed the art world public is. This particular sculpture you had to ascend a wooden staircase to see it level, up-close. There were two assistants in the room but they weren’t vocalizing the ability to walk up the stairs; all you had to do was take off your shoes. I watched the room for a handful of minutes and people entered, looked, pointed, and left. No one bothered to investigate, to explore. I recognized the assistants, waited another minute, then went up to them and bluntly asked, “What do I need to do to go up the stairs?” They informed me, and there I went. Next thing you know people are lining up to make the climb (it was one person at a time). Go figure, silly art world.