Plausible Artworlds

Open call to Send us your ideas about artworlds, how they could differ from the dominant ones today…
When we say “artworlds”, we mean any network of people involved in art, and the systems they use to support their practice.
But people keep talking about “THE Artworld” as if there were only one. We need examples of other artworlds to help people understand. We will be making 11×17″ posters based on your examples and show them at the ICA the end of this January!
Send us a word, a sentence, a sketch — anything that helps give an example of existing or possible artworlds (you get points for being funny or imaginative or uncovering some bit of history). Could be manifesto, half-cocked proposal, reporting on things others may not know about, anecdotes, fantasies — 1 poster per idea — no limit on number of ideas – send as many as you can think of…
Happy 2007!
Scott from basekamp

I like posters; I like the ICA in Philly (although it’s been errrrr maybe six years since I’ve been there); basekamp look like a rad organization. Submit it if ya got it.