I’ve always liked to see where artists make their work, sometimes more than the work itself. That’s not to say that I don’t like cartoonist Al Jaffee’s work, because I do, especially for it’s hyper-Americana sensibilities, but it’s also neat to see the space where he produces his “fold-ins” is quite an intimate space, a focused space. Snapped from an interview by Yahoo! News about ‘the One Fold-In ‘MAD Magazine’ Wouldn’t Run’



PS I absolutely hate the Yahoo! News video player. That software sucks. I hate anything where I have to do two clicks to achieve any player functionality like oh I don’t know FULLSCREEN. Or the fact that their pause/play functionality is basically non-existent – seriously the Space bar is a STANDARD for all-things video. Why companies feel they have to ‘differentiate’ themselves by being different stupid is beyond me.