In the video above note the plains-clothed officer arresting the Chase customer (scan to 1:30). Note the square tag on the back of his hoodie.

It was a busy day for this officer. No doubt he is reveling in the overtime pay. He was later spotted emerging from a squad car on 9th Ave and 36 Street, along with the guy in the suit (also glimpsed in the video). They proceeded to head towards the Times Square rally, with the same hooded officer carrying an ‘International League of Peoples Struggle’ picket sign (that’s really poorly made by the way). It begs the question was he there for observation, or instigation?

I’m certain that additional photos culled from the Times Square rally will show this officer in higher detail, without his badge visible.

Someone should tell them to not be so obvious too – shaking hands with every officer you see along the way to the protest isn’t something a typical ‘commie bastard’ (ILPS) would do.