I’m thinking a lot lately about green roofs (not only green in terms of sustainability and renewal but simply color also!) and I’ve always been confused by how parts of Manhattan have always been considered ‘undesireable’ simply because they’re more than two whole blocks from a subway or aren’t pre-existing dense residential neighborhoods like Greenwich Village or Murray Hill. Sure it would suck having to hunt for food and you’d always have to go ‘back there’ to get home but you’d still be on the island and it’s all within walking distance from my experiences (I used to walk from SoHo to Bryant Park from spring to fall because the walk was pleasant, the weather nice, and I preferred taking the 7 train to the R or V to get to where I used to live in Queens, and the lost time walking was worth the reward of sights, people and adventures). Those days will one day be over and the west side of Manhattan completely redone, rezoned and re-bought, thanks to impressive architectural projects like Clinton Park designed by TenArquitectos slated for construction in Hell’s Kitchen. More impressive than their inclusion of a uniformed southpaw baseball player in their render is of course the green stepped roof atop a zig-zag building. I’d love to know what’s going in the courtyard areas below too but the roof itself is pretty genius. Lots of space there for catching and running water to feed the garden, and to absorb and convert solar heat. I hope they do it right.



[from TenArquitectos – I hate flash popup websites though!]