In two weeks the art world will see the emergence of a ‘new kind of art fair’: YEAR_06 Art Projects. YEAR_06 is billing itself as a ‘project-based’ (their hyphen, not mine! gotta love it!) fair, and I wish I was there. I’ve always been a fan of the art fair, indifferent (not so ambivalent, more about indifference) to their location as a playground for the rich; I’ve always appreciated seeing large groups of people congregate to look at art, no matter how high or low.

The range of galleries exhibiting in YEAR_06 is refreshing: even though the event is taking place in London, the Keith Talent Gallery (great gallery on Tudor Road I used to live near) and MOOT are the only UK-based galleries; the rest are from afar and include a heavy dose of American (that is, US-based) names. Most of the artists associated with these galleries are unknown to me, like I said: refreshing!

YEAR_06 Art Projects