Tracking development around Queens Plaza, 3 days ago a new espresso bar that also serves specialty bagels and paninis, opened at Queens Plaza South – ironically, it opened on the same street as another new food place, a Checkers (let’s face it, that’s shit – maybe you crave the food, but it’s shit that another corporate name lowered the bar in the area). Thankfully this coffee & food bar, Triple Shot World Atlas (awesome name) serves organic teas, fair trade coffees, and while I won’t do a review, pretty good food. I’m mostly excited by a new, locally owned store moving into an otherwise bustling area that generally gets bought out and moved around by Dunkins, Subways, and now Checkers. Good to see, and again, awesome name for a store – check out the world map they have inside:

(check out the hand in bottom-right giving me the rock fingers!)