work in progress. digital composite.

sziget model 1 buildings

this is a digital composite, of building facades taken from pictures I have taken of New York City superimposed onto these small (real) buildings I have cut from this foam material I acquired. here they range from about 7mm to 4cm tall. Not sure if this is the way to go with buildings at this scale, or if they should just be spraypainted, painted and detailed. Or both (probably a combination of both). The space in between the buildings is like a ‘courtyard’, and can be filled with flocking material to look like a giant garden.

The foam can be cut into literally hundreds of ‘types’ of buildings; detailing is secondary to this. And their installation is completely random and almost arbitrary, which allows for a lot of freedom in the type of ‘blocks’ to be created. They can be gridded, or windy; an area can be industrial with low one-story warehouse type buildings or dense with 4-story tenement buildings. Lots of room to maneuver here.

I think the notion of scale is ‘assumed’ on the part of the viewer; there isn’t a strict adherence to a ‘rule’ (the act of collage aids this reading). In other words, you know what it is: a model of a block.