following on from the success of my recent some images, some words post, I present you now with more images, but less words (we’re primarily a visual culture after all, are we not?):

big trucks

from 2008 Feb 24 in the NYTimes, this graphic shows the vehicle power needed to move (and to protect, I assume) American troops in the world’s contemporary battlefields. My favorite is the Force Protection Buffalo Category III MRAP, a 20+ tonne vehicle that can carry 6 individuals the distance of St. Louis to Chicago for what would cost at consumer-rates $400-a-tank (not to mention the money needed to get the diesel to the battlefield!)

[via NYTimes – unknown article (or I’m too lazy to search)]

treehug the aristocracy

HRH Prince Charles is the owner of an amazing 37-acre garden known as Highgrove Garden. I’m not too keen on the British royal family, especially their acquisition of land and wealth – and they have a LOT of it – but this place looks pretty spectacular. Too bad I can’t take my non-existing girlfriend there for a stroll.

[via treehugger – A Visit to Highgrove Garden]

you gotta love him!

Martin Creed’s work #701. Creed’s numbering sequence makes for archiving art a really simple task! No flamboyant or wordy titles, and everything simply falls in order, this one, then that one, and so forth.

bike pr0n

[via moyercycles Flickr]

something I’m terrible at

is making business cards. there are some really good ones out there, and I just never follow through with producing them. Are they, the secret ticket to success?