more snappy snaps from bike touring my borough:

Queens has some terrificly wonderful architecture! It’s a shame this one isn’t all chrome like most!

another home. and these are in the greater Astoria area too!

hidden homes are abound in LIC/Astoria/western Queens!

Queens, still making cute homes.

this is the top of 43rd Street, the street I’ve lived on for over 3 years. It only dawned on me recently that I hadn’t ever travelled the entired length of my own street, and wondered what lay at the top. Empty industrial area (it was a holiday weekend). Will this all be condominiums one day, in 2086?

huge fans blowing essence into the atmosphere!

that huuuuuge ConEd plant at the northwest tip of Queens. lots of signs. one sign to instruct you you’re reading the wrong sign, “read that sign —>”

the Triboro Bridge passing through Astoria. lovely sense of scale! I’m sooooooo small!

this is what the Astoria Park pool looks like when it is all full-up! It looks delicious!

I don’t know why it was full-up. There were no signs about it being open. Lifegaurd stations are present but only one guard was seen on the other side of the pool, practicing retreiving floating objects with some pole-tool.

that’s the Hell Gate Bridge in the background. lovely bridge.

Oh yeah, forgot I was on a bike tour. After Astoria Park I ended up biking all the way down Vernon Blvd., past Queensbridge, into downtown LIC area. Still a lot of desolate looking places around here. Yet what real estate exists is pretty pricey. Speaking of, see that clock-tower building off in the distance, centered, I might be moving just near that, to the right (west) of the crane a bit. We’ll see.