I thought I’d share the attachments I received this past weekend in my inbox, for the big C-day holiday. Of course there were lots of messages and wishes, but I was particularly delighted with the jpegs a few people sent my way. And so here they are. (Note: I find it particularly intriguing that nearly half of the attachments I received were from people of Japanese heritage; I wasn’t aware that Japanese people were so into the spirit of Christmas, even in the relatively benign gesture of email attachments!)

Atticus Pitts
A.tti IS Superman!!
from my mate John Pitts in St. Louis.

Aya Kakeda drawing
an exchange drawing by Aya Kakeda

Elaine Arkell
collage… of something! by my mate Elaine Arkell in London!

Kako Ueda photo
the C-tree in motion, by Kako Ueda

Lukasz photo
photo by Lukasz Skapski of him and his partner

Naoko Kitamura photocollage
photo-collage by Naoko Kitamura

Robin Footitt
photo showing drawing by my mate Robin Footitt from London, in background

Karen Damico photo
Update: missed one, here’s a photo from my mate Karen D’Amico in London