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caption this:

Continuing on with the Parade, it got a little too sparse at times. I mean some sparseness is expected, as some acts take longer to proceed down the parade line than others. There was a little gap midway that seemed to really deflate the atmosphere, but the last quarter of the parade really picked it up a couple notches with some spectacular outfits, great color, a couple bumpin’ sound systems and general flare. But before we even get near that point, there was Krunkle Aaron:

now we can continue!


and lastly, WHO IS THIS GUY!:!??!j;(*(J@!

and what better way to round off a trip to see the Mermaid Day Parade than actually going to and relaxing on the beach proper:

niiiiiiice! See you mermaids next year!

[full set of images and videos on my Flickr]