My friend Lance Wakeling recently published his first books. Yes, books. For a ‘first’ one just wasn’t good enough so he went ahead and published two first books.

me dot jpg - page 8

Using the print-on-demand services of (which I support as well!) allows Lance to do his thing with the perl scripts and web crawlers and to compile these basic black&white books to further disseminate the already overwhelming presence and volume of images such as “me.jpg”. He writes:

The first one is called ME DOT JPG, a collection of images from a google image search of images specifically named “me.jpg.”

Here we’re given a snapshot of how people see ‘me’: as avatars, as floral arrangements, as high school yearbook photos (inspiration for the other book, My Yearbook 0.2, perhaps?), as landscapes, as casual snapshots or studio portraits, or as electron-wielding quantum-neutrino-brained DORKS. Whatever your fancy it’s a simple premise that speaks wonders about the volume of information and the arrays of interpretation abound today.