The buzz throughout the boroughs is building in anticipation of the 1st annual World Maker Faire, and some of the team were in town to hold a mixer, gather Makers and show off some select projects to a crowd of interested and interesting peoples! Yup yup! Big ups to the Wooster Collective for hosting our event at Meet – the mixer was the jamb! The energy levels were so high – there aren’t meters with enough numbers to track the electrons everyone was giving off! (what a geeky metaphor – hey, it’s MAKER FAIRE! loL!)

some breakout boards and kits by Rachels Electronics – awesome stuff!

Joe Saavedra’s Citizen Sensor – DIY pollution monitor

Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty (left) talking with Fran Reilly.

Again, the buzz is so good – World Maker Faire has all the signs to be a “game changer” for the city! w00t!