Currently sitting in Foley Square in Lower Manhattan, have been here since 6am assisting Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese – two Brooklyn-based artists – to realize their public installation, Main Street Meltdown.

Even though the available WiFi is sweet I don’t have much time to write. So I’ll just post some quick images and captions so I can get back to taking more images. I’ll write up a more comprehensive post laters.

around 7am, the tables are setup which will become the plinth for the 1600 lbs. of ice sculpture that will get loaded on top.

Marshall Reese, planning the next move.

Dressing the table.

preparing the ice trays

master ice sculptor Okamoto from Long Island City, preparing the base.

ECONOMY ice letters laid out

the E goes up

ECONOMY gets pissed on, rain ensues.

ice drip

interviewing people

while I was away at lunch, the EConomy collapsed!

ice detailed