Unfortunately Sparky isn’t a neighborhood dog. His mom lives in Woodside and she was just passing through, pushing him home in his cart. You see her brother was throwing away this carpet and well, that’s a nice carpet, you can’t just throw that to the curb, so she pushed Sparky all the way to LIC from 64th Street in Woodside, and was pushing him – and the carpet – all the way back to Woodside. I met them on 41st Avenue & 24th Street, so they had a ways to go.

And that’s one of the really amazing things about this city. This lady was already pushing this cart on a 3+ mile return journey (not to mention the 3+ miles she walked to get the carpet!), and with traffic and at her speed, probably a 2-hour journey. And she didn’t even flinch! 3 miles in any other city and you’d be insane to want to walk that far – and here it’s just part and parcel of the land. New Yorkers like to walk!