well you know you’re on to something when you’ve been linked in Wikipedia!

And I’m not talking about an ‘article’ about me or you or anything like that. en dot wikipedia dot org forward-slash wiki forward-slash ‘insert_article_name_here’. All that stuff is pretty straightforward. Nope nope nope, I’m talking about something which to me is much more intriguing.

Nearly five months ago I wrote a post mentioning the current dilapidated state of a piece of Moscow architecture, the Narkomfin building, designed in the Constructivist style by Moisei Ginzburg.

Then recently, while partaking in my newest hobby of trolling through my web stats (something I’ve never really done before up until a couple of months ago), I noticed that one of my top referral links was being sent from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moisei_Ginzburg. No shit! Well I mean I wrote that post some time ago about the Narkomfin, but otherwise why would anything be coming in from Wikipedia, I thought.

So I revisit the page and read through the article again. Sure, some things appear updated or amended. That’s the nature of the wiki. Keep scrolling. ‘See also’, there are familiar names: El Lissitzky, Vladimir Tatlin, Alexander Vesnin, and others. Then I notice:

Moisei Ginzburg external links

Hooooly smokes. That’s awesome! Total excitement.

I wrote the original post back in November, the Ginzburg Wikipedia entry says it was last modified 16:38, 19 February 2007. So sometime between those months someone modified the entry with a link to my blog.

So nothing special to report really, just a sort of excitement-post about another post, now with ties to Wikipedia! And even though its merely an external site reference link, to be listed on the same page as people such as Tatlin, Vesnin and Mayakovsky, that really brings a smile to my face.