Noticed while browsing around inside Google Earth that Long Island City is being increasingly modelled, even more-so than Greenpoint or Williamsburg, which is interesting because you know, LIC is still “on the cusp” of becoming “cool”. Which either means the residents of this town have more time on their hands to produce 3D models and plot them in Google Earth, or the residents of this town give more concern towards how their town is perceived in both real and virtual worlds – either way it’s win-win for LIC!

Some other areas of Queens are also being increasingly modelled and mapped:

A clever marketing ploy, a recent condo development in north Astoria uploaded their model; I can already hear the broker saying, “Here, click this link to see your future bougie digs in Google Earth!”

A nearby business/warehouse district in Woodside also updated their area with scale models.

Someone even took the time to model these generic housing blocks, in south Corona.

Obviously a marketing ploy, regardless, I’ll always call it New Shea Stadium.