There’s a new and nifty and incredibly awesome resource in Long Island City these days: a LASER!

Designglut in association with Length Width Height (a fabrication lab in the “incubation” center at NY Designs), hosted a laser party last night and invited designers and artists to try it out with some free etching & burning time. Awesome!

All projects were cut on a Trotec laser with double gull-wing doors – made it look like a DeLorean when both the doors were up! This thing is proper, and capable of some really remarkable and remarkably precise cuts. Some people cut out little keychain shapes; a piece of fabric with a lattice-like design; or some flexible wood made into bracelets. Like I said, AWESOME!

Big ups to Ben W-R from LxWxH for organizing the event – there were some great people there, and I definitely need to organize some shop time myself and get involved.

super-duper punters:

the exhaust vent needed to keep the laser cooooooool: