Those who follow the Life and Times of Nick Normal know I’ll be returning to NYC within the month. In my mind it’s “business as usual” upon my return. By that I mean I know better what I want from the city and what to expect – having lived there for nearly 5 years already, and I don’t consider myself not living there now, simply away on sabbatical. There aren’t many things to surprise me there anymore; it’s more about coming to terms with living in a city of constant activity, and thriving on that energy and escalating it whenever possible. However every now and then there are phenomenons you simply never knew about which are consistent in their delivery and message. My love for Queens notwithstanding, I’ll admit usually these phenoms reside in Brooklyn.

Meet ninjasonik! Go figure as soon as I return to NYC they go on tour, so I’ll have to wait til May at the earliest to see them, but these guys have it figured out:

I got a MySpace, I got a gmail, I got that Facebook, but I don’t do Friendster.

From their track “Internet Bitch” – give a listen at their MySpace.

So good!