It’s that one line that stands out to me, that irks me, that sums it all up. Being from St. Louis I’m all too familiar with this story. But I’ve listened to it a couple of times, because it’s so captivating, and informing. It’s from late July, but it’s something that every city – even ones as “liberal” and progressive as Brooklyn – goes through, and has to confront. This is where we are in America, today. The podcast, The Problem We All Live With, is named after a 1964 painting of the same name by Norman Rockwell – not that long ago, really. But it’s this one line that got me,

This is not a race issue. And I just want to say to– if she’s even still here, the first woman who came up here and cried that it was a race issue, I’m sorry. That’s her prejudice, calling me a racist because my skin is white, and I’m concerned about my children’s education and safety.

Actually, chances are it’s a race issue. Have a listen: