be sure to swing by the Merrion Hotel on Upper Merrion Street to check out Andrew Duggan’s installation, Dislocate – “a series of apparently unconnected scenes, disorientating audios and iconic images.” I worked with Andrew while he was in residency at Location One – including helping him install one of his works – so I got to see him develop several works, from video and sound to performance installations. While I know some of his individual works quite intimately, now is the chance to navigate from one work to the next and make your own connections between, possibly, a man applying camouflage to his face and low-resolution images of flags, or a dialogue between unknown participants about current events and the sounds of traditional Irish folk dancers. All the while inside an unfamiliar space for experiencing art: a hotel!

Andrew Duggan invite

I chose to present the work in a hotel because a hotel is, interestingly, both an intimate and autonomous space. A ‘hotel’ is neither a ‘cinema’ nor is it a ‘gallery space’. DISLOCATE is not cinema, it is not passive, in order to fully engage the viewer has to locate themselves emotionally within the work, dislocated from where they usually place themselves when viewing artworks.

Andrew’s home-brew website