I participated in a 2015 end-of-year contest I heard announced on WNYC to upload your “best picture still sitting on your phone.” I went with my image of a journey exiting the Catskills one August morning shortly after a light morning rain:


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I love this image. 10 seconds before I took it the light wasn’t like this, and 10 seconds later this light was gone; it was truly fleeting, and I’m thankful my cameraphone worked fast enough to capture it! And at the perfect spot, with that winding road, house off in the distance, foothills beyond, and that sky – I love the American road.

So I entered it into the contest – then I won the Fan Favorite (most votes) title! Seek to the 8:00 mark to hear Brian Lehrer & Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York) talk about my image: