the Hungarian Cultural Center New York will be screening A Fiery Autumn in the Cold War (in Hungie, with English subs – no word on price) on Friday 6 October at 7pm. The film is a documentary about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Attached to the press release is a quote, but it doesn’t say who to attribute these words to; it reads:

Nineteen fifty-six.

It is only eleven years since one of the most destructive wars fought in human history ended. It is already eleven years since human history began to be overshadowed by the most destructive weapons ever known. These days it seems as if the bitter-cold political climate might be warming again. The opposing sides are talking about mutual coexistence, on speakers’ platforms and round negotiating tables. Then in autumn, the world has seemed to jump out of the new order. Grave crises have arisen in the middle of a divided Europe and in the Middle East.

This film coincides with a host of other events happening last and this month at the HCC; 23 October this month will mark the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. The press release also states:

Q&A with two Travelling Scholars, Csaba Békés and Attila Szakolczai after the screening


While we’re on the subject of the ’56 Revolution and the HCC, it should be noted that the HCC have bought a billboard in Times Square (at 50th Street and Broadway), to ‘deliver a message that there was a revolution in Hungary which had a global significance and the country is still proud of this historical occurence.’ I haven’t made my way there yet, but plan to in the coming weeks; the billboard will come down on 1 November.