On May 31st I took the above shot of some prefab “brick” walls sitting in some yard. I stumbled upon the lot during a walking tour of Long Island City south of the Plaza. Next door to the prefab pieces was the beginnings of some steel-structured building that I either didn’t get a photo of or didn’t upload to my Flickr. Regardless, during another walking tour today I stumbled upon the result:

the panels are seamless because they’re mounted from the inside, probably via some bolt and nut or rivet-esque system. Who the fuck knows. It’s ugly as hell and probably not even real clay to begin with. The glass top is nice and those two corner windows are kind of interesting, but the gridded smaller windows are too prison-y for my tastes, and again those faux brick panels are a complete put-off, and that’s coming from a guy who has a bricks tag in his cloud.

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