NY Designs and Length x Width x Height are two LIC-based design firms housed in the former IDCNY building at the foot of Queens Boulevard and down the block from LaGuardia Community College. NY Designs focus on uplifting new small businesses who have an emphasis on design and technology – and they basically provide a giant co-working floor for business to interact with each other and cross-pollinate activities and ideas; LxWxH are helping establish a general membership fabrication shop (from chopsaws and table saws to laser cutters and CAD software). Both things that really help establish Long Island City as an incubator of creative design and production. But it could be better!

stiles are having a social media competition to give away a Weeke Vantech CNC router – and NY Designs are in the running! (that dog is the secret weapon!)

To help their chances of entering the Final Round of the competition, just click below to view the original video and hit that “LIKE” button below the video! And see some of the people and projects you’ll be helping support if they win this thing!

here’s a link to more info on the contest