Hello. And goodbye.

Hello exhibition at Flux Factory
(work from Hello exhibition at Flux Factory, unknown artist, opens tomorrow)

So seriously, I’m a little behind on my end, with a bit much on my plate at the moment. Which is epitomized by tomorrow’s events: I’m working probably around 12-14 hours, not pleasant; should be in as early as 11am to prepare some things before opening at noon – don’t expect to leave until around midnight; while invigilating the gallery all day tomorrow we will simultaneously be setting up for a duet-concert by Yuka Honda and Petra Haden in Location One‘s performance space; we’re already stretched for resources, and by half-4 today they had only started practicing their second song – they’re asking to stay late but we have to get out of here, it’s Friday after all; i’m supposedly DJing the event, which I wasn’t asked to do but was put on the bill and expected to return – I have NO set list prepared, and I won’t spend my evening tonight stressing out over what music to play tomorrow!; last night the bulb on my eVo v1 projector blew – it’s being installed for the next exhibition at Flux Factory, and word is that the artist pulled out the power cord while the projector was plugged in and running!; it took me over an hour to open up the housing unit and examine the bulb – took so long because of a stripped screw that had to be drilled out with a strip-kit; and oh yeah that show (image above is a piece in the show, unknown artist at this moment) opens tomorrow, at the same time I’m working the concert at Location One, so basically I won’t be able to attend the opening at my home because I’m working a concert for the man (or two women, in this case). Earlier this week I thought I might be able to leave the concert right at the end, and make the tail end of the ‘Hello’ opening at Flux Factory, and then I got told that the space needs to be completely cleared out for Sunday afternoon when some musicians are renting the space for rehearsal – what this means is my mates and I have to spend an hour after we finally kick everybody out cleaning and re-arranging furniture (thus pushing us towards midnight) instead of letting the facility’s janitor take care of it, since they don’t come in until Monday. Bloody bullshit scheduling if you ask me.