yes, it has.

four days without blogging is like an eternity.

time lately has been without compassion. monday (the last day I blogged) and tuesday were very busy days at work, as we are currently installing our next show; wednesday we were installing and had to stop mid-way, clean-up, and prepare for the February installment of Dorkbot; wednesday night I fell ill and still went in to work because I’m the only one who does my job the latter part of the week – thursday night I had a fever and slept for over eleven hours and by friday I was so weak I could barely eat anything. while sick-with-the-plague most of my time is spent managing other artists’ time because the majority of them are such bad planners: “No, come to the gallery now. You have to see the space.”; “We need that DVD from you. Absolutely.”

Very few – as in only one – communicate their schedules, their timetable, and let us plan accordingly. Here it is the weekend before the opening and two of them don’t even have their final video edits turned in! Some of them spend so long finicking over minor details that they forget about their own work as well as the larger installation: the entire space; “No, you can’t place that smack in the middle of the room.” “Why not?” Nevermind… A handful of artists finally showed up to the gallery at 5:25pm on Friday – keep in mind we close at 6pm! Then it’s the weekend, and much to their surprise we’re not open.

So, here it is, Saturday morning, not even 7am. I’m over 100 emails behind schedule. Lots to troll through and catch up with. I’m still very much sick, but if I just spend the day lounging about drinking tea and forgetting about the burdens of the exterior world, maybe tonight I’ll venture to the Project1981 opening. More posts to follow.