more wisdom than advice really:

and happy today by the way, I hope you will be enjoying some time away from the grind with friends or family or whatever makes you tickled.

As for dancing, if you’re itching to shake your rump I recommend London Calling this Saturday, which will be the final Calling at the Upstairs Lounge on South Grand near Tower Grove Park. It’s $10 to get in but it’s a guaranteed good time as long as you like to dance! At 4am after the previous set at a local diner I was kindly referred to by one of the DJs as ‘the guy on the dance floor’. I don’t think he meant THE guy, but I definitely like to boogie down & let loose. What’s really incredible about their set is they’re largely VJed, as in Video Jockeyed. The music is banging, and that they have accompanying music videos for about 80% of what they spin (with downloadable set lists and mp3s also!) is downright incredible! It’s a layer of culture often overlooked in clubs and provides visual stimulus when your legs are otherwise out of the game (even I need a water break). They’re also very clever at documenting all of their crowd, including me from their previous gig:

while talking with my friend Andrew, note the Sheffield belt-knife and the bling ring.