This whole post is really just an excuse to embed – and re-watch, and re-re-watch – the Wipeout XL gameplay video at the end. That said,

HACKERS - Dieselboy - Address Fix

The year was 1995. Dial-up internet was slowly seeping into homes across the country, floppy disks were the primary mechanism of storing digital information, and Rollerblades were en vogue. It was also the year that Hackers was released in theaters, after which the world would never be the same again.

Hackers – the movie – recently celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in style in NYC. Here are some images including one of yours truly:

see the full photoset here.

The game being played was Wipeout XL for the PS1 – back then known solely as “PlayStation.” The track was Talon’s Reach which you can see at the 3:00 mark in the video below (after opening sequence, class & team selection, etc).

“Improve reaction time! Red Bull”

As if Talon’s Reach wasn’t hard enough (I did come in 3rd though – admittedly after watching other players to develop a strategy), the video for the second and third maps is daunting – that third map nearly makes me want to vomit watching some of the gameplay.