there is now only two weeks left to view Graham Hudson’s rubbish house on view in front of the recently renovated Chelsea College of Art & Design building, the former Royal Army barracks in Millbank, London. Graham’s rubbish house is an important development of his ‘residency’ on the parade grounds, which began back in March/April, and is one of the most interesting public art projects that can be seen at the moment.

There’s also a pretty good article over at the Times Online (in the ‘Property – Interiors’ section!! har!) about Hudson’s project. Most spot-on is when Hudson is quoted as saying:

“You can’t really say when an artist is and isn’t working,â€? … “We are always at work.â€?

although I’m not sure about the reference to homeless people sleeping in doorways… I never saw no bums ’round Pimlico!

either way, I also found these images online, over at magazinehead’s Flickr account. enjoy.
graham hudson rubbish housegraham hudson rubbish housegraham hudson rubbish house

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