Since 1978, Materials for the Arts (MFTA) have supplied New York City arts and cultural non-profits and public schools with free materials that otherwise would have wound up in the trash. They supply everything from sidewalk chalk to office binders, from latex paint to furniture, spools of fabric and even computers and lumber. And of course crafts! They have a huge craft department, and tonight is their annual Masked Marvelous fundraiser and cocktail party.

Featured performers this year will include the Band of Bicycles and the Madagascar Institute, who both participated in last month’s World Maker Faire (I still hear those jet engines in my dreams!).

Other acts include Playdate Puppets, Lady Circus, Theatre Dzieci and about a half-dozen other groups and musical performances.

Below are some shots from last year’s mask-making party, and again you can visit this link for more information and directions.