A user-made video using images from NASA’s Cassini space probe Saturn mission, set to the eerie tune of Nine Inch Nail’s “Ghosts”:


So one of my personal philosophical dilemmas is sand. Not sand at the beach, but deserts. The thought of continental sand really bothers me, it’s something my mind can’t seem to resolve. It also plagues me, thinking that there are huge, vast tracks of land that we can’t do anything with. However all that sand in the desert might be useful after all, if one Abu Dhabi-based professor has his way, making bricks from bacteria that “cement” sand without heat:

I’m not saying it resolves my notions of continental sand, but maybe there’s a sustainable architecture that can at least put me at ease!

[via dvice]


Lego orerry by V&A Steamworks:


IBM is 100 years young, and unlike some high-value gadget companies they’re actually responsible for a ton of the tech we use or pass by in our daily lives – with a centennial website about their “second century”.

And no, CNN, you’re wrong, Apple in fact did not “invent” the personal computer – that’s just their monthly allowance cheque to you talking.


office killer, turn any JPG into a Commodore-64-esque image at C64yourself:


these two characters will never cease to get old. Wasn’t this like 10 years ago? Cloud vs Sephiroth, with Aeris’s cure ability thrown in for good measure:


regarding this diagram of geek culture, I disagree (or rather dis-associate) mostly with Geek Idols, and relate mostly with Geek Obsessions – what does that say about my personal geekathon?