This evening I went to visit Lance Wakeling at his studio near Lorimer L in Brooklyn. I’ve mentioned Lance before, with a link to his project (artMarket Mini), only now I’ll go a little more into detail, with pictures!

As I said, Lance lives near Lorimer L in Brooklyn. There’s a lot of expensive development going up in this area, in particular the area around McCarren Park. Lots of overpriced condos for bougies being built by ‘working class’ construction workers. I don’t know if Lance has thought about it, but there are some nice (actually) overtones between the building going up viewable from his front doorstep and the construction of his project (pictures further on).

Condos versus artMarket MiniCondos on the Park, in your FaceCondos wherever they fit

I had dropped off my Market booth to Lance over two weeks ago, but had forgotten to take any photos of it at its then-completed stage. Hah. So I took this evening to swing by Lance’s place and take some shots.

booths and lighting righallway view

Lance’s contribution to the show include more than simply fabricating the booths themselves (with balsa wood in place of 2″x4″ studs and board for walls) and the lighting rig (which looks effing hot!), but include the framework in which the piece will eventually be presented; the Market as a whole is his piece (which has us in discussion about some of the processes by which he is organising this show, also about the notion of emulation, control, etc.).

aerial shotaerial again

Lance currently has the booths setup in a mock/test of the Market. It’s currently at about stomach-level; he plans to drop it down, which I agree with. Dropping the level of the booths allows the viewer to hold either an omniscient view, or to squat down or get closer to the ground and get some of those hallway views from booth-level.

view of my boothbooth viewLance in the distance (looking at pr0n probably)

And lastly my booth.

However I feel like there are enough photos in this post, and want to talk further about this project later, with more specifics about my own work. So I’ll do just that. ‘Til next time.