Coming out this fall is a new phone from HTC. What’s most-remarkable about this phone isn’t actually the design, which is slick! It’s the UI. This is actually a flavor of Android, Google’s mobile OS. But it’s been re-designed by HTC and is running on top of Cupcake (v1.5 of the mobile OS), which shows the extreme versatility and capabilities of the Android OS, and thus why it is likely to surpass the iPhone in the coming 10 months (my personal prediction). Again, it’s not the hardware, it’s the soooooftware (see video below). Along with blunders like removing GV-related apps from the iTunes store, or the fact that Android users don’t need to install iTunes to sync media or apps; or a bloated marketplace; or confusing apps organization (I have docklets running to sub-organize my apps on my home screens, you know, like how we put similar files in folders and have for decades); or, or, well see for yourself: