At the beginning of every month I dump all the DCIMs (digital camera images) off my smartphone for backup and so if anything happens to the phone I don’t lose too much previous data. I then upload all the images I didn’t share on social or otherwise, here, for viewing.

I fell behind a few months, and furthermore took very few fone-photos from January to May; instead of uploading a few photos for each month I’ve compiled them all as sets, below.

For starters check out this cute kitteh’s polydactyl paws – because of these nubbins he had a bit of a staggered strut when he walked:


Here’s a simple ‘lifehack’ for making a catch-cup for drilling above somewhere where you don’t want the drill waste to fall below – in this case above my bed:

Correct answer to that pro-Trump graffiti spraypainted on the sidewalk:

So the extremely chichi food mart where all the condominiums are being built near my home doesn’t carry a single bottle opener, but the totally non-chichi gas mart opposite the condominiums carries not one or two but three different bottle opener products, :

After all these years, my tofu is finally starting to get closer to what I expect of it:

Here are some wicked old-school repro maps I caught on someone’s walls:

Note how in really really old maps, Manhattan is always viewed left-to-right and the Hudson is typically referred to as “North River.”

Someone made these for the local coffee shop:

I’m all for ‘workers alliance’ but it is absolutely gutting to see Boris’s shoe shop gone for good:

So this thing totally works:

Thanks, mom!

Oh yeah, cool Orkin Craft scale model boat from waybackwhen:

And lastly the more-or-less random photos of everything else:

the lonely view from Hallets Point Park

the composite ‘sphere’ image from atop the new Governors Island Outlook Hill on a day when no one else was around, not one person