At the beginning of every month I dump all the DCIMs (digital camera images) off my smartphone for backup and so if anything happens to the phone I don’t lose too much previous data. I then upload all the images I didn’t share on social or otherwise, here, for viewing.

(Remember this is September we’re talking about!)

Let’s start with this fantastic view, a 10-minute walk from work:


Unboxed this wonderful drawing – I forget what shirt I was wearing at the time but that’s me! ‘aromAl’!

Here’s a sun-seeking robot:

And an e-paper prototype display:

And lastly, my neighbors…man, they make so much garbage, I have no idea what they do in their home, but they make so. much. garbage. Here they are preparing it, and then putting it out for pickup – mind you they put out so. much. that the garbage men didn’t retrieve it, and then the neighbors just move the garbage back and forth every week until it disappears – so weird!