this month’s Flux Thursday open dinner (potluck) and salon (show us your arts!) is this Thursday, 18 October, from 8pm onward, at Flux Factory. come out if you can. it’s our first Flux Thursday of the autumn, so while it’ll be a little chill outside it should be nice and cozy indoors, amplified hopefully by a hot meal and your usual selection of booze and wines. the event is free and the doors are open to all, but if you can please bring something for all to enjoy!

this month’s event should be quite big, and special. There are a good number of folk coming over from other organizations, says the press release:

Arrivals, Departures & Transits, an artist salon at
the Flux Factory @ 8pm on Thursday, Oct 18 featuring:

Ariel Fernandez / Cuba: Havana-born Ariel Fernandez
aka Asho is a Hip Hop historian, journalist, essayist
and event organizer. Ariel has distinguished himself
as a leader and advocate of Cuban youth culture and
social-cultural movements.

Samten Dakpa / Tibet (
Delphine Diallo / France (
Katherine Dolgy Ludwig / Canada

Video art by Harout Simonian / Armenia

freeDimensional organizes community arts space and
local resources for the support and protection of
individuals who create dialogue on global issues and
inequalities through their art and media.

and of course I’ll be there, so don’t miss this chance of your lifetime!

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