The Museum of the Moving Image re-opens next weekend on Saturday 15th January after being closed for nearly two years – 22 months and $65 million later, the results look to be extremely promising. Worker crews are still busy buzzing about putting the finishing touches on what should be a wonderful expansion and remodel of one of the best kept secrets in Queens – literally still painting the facade, un-peeling plastic sheeting from panels and windows, and installing basic lighting fixtures on the ground floor, among other projects. The Moving Image was already one of the best museums in the city, and the expansion which looks to add education, programming and increased exhibition display space to the museum will only make it better. It’s unclear how finished the courtyard between the two new buildings will look, but at this point there’s no turning back! The opening day concludes with an electronic music party Signal to Noise featuring among other hot-shit artists: Nick Yulman, Bit Shifter and Babycastles – should be a good time!