tonight after work i’ll be heading to Dam Stuhltrager Gallery in Williamsburg, for a group show where friend and fellow artist Lance Wakeling will be exhibiting a piece made from a computer keylogger, for the show ‘Stolen Time’.

I got a sneak preview of Lance’s piece for the show this time last week when I went to his studio (bedroom) in Williamsburg last week, to drop off a work of my own, for his project artMarket Mini (originally ‘2005’, now ‘definitely by 2010’).

Lance’s piece for the show (image attached) reminds me of my own obsessiveness with how information is handled, in its various manifestations these days. keyloggers, while potentially tiny and ultra-discreet, are also capable of storing 40,000, 50,000, or more characters of typed personal data. an insight to how one navigates the space of the computer and the keyboard.