My flag for The Autonomous Nation of THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU is flying high at Knockdown Center in Maspeth, Queens. Tomorrow from 3-6PM I’ll be conducting a pop-up performance in the trailer in the parking lot, making lil’ flags for attendees (there’s also one opening and another closing reception in the main building). I need to bike everything over (my route is 4.2 miles), putting everything in my two rear panniers. So I usually do this the night before an event/performance, where I lay out everything I’ll need the following day on my bed, and evaluate it – I go over steps, make sure I have everything (you never have everything – for example where’s my lunch?), and add any additional possibly-maybe items. So here’s this project’s spread – even a 3-hour pop-up performance (with shelter and electricity provided) requires all this stuff!

You can zoom in and around in the image below:

On display are, from the bottom-left going clockwise:

  • 4 flag samples
  • Black & Decker iron
  • wooden cutting board
  • parchment paper
  • plastic bunting
  • CAT!
  • 4 bag styles
  • signature stickers
  • Wikipedia printout on HDPE
  • fabric tablecloth
  • black trash bag
  • flag bases (bonne jars)
  • 8-ply plastic sample
  • ruler
  • dowel rods
  • LED lamps (for when the sun goes down)
  • Alvin cutting mat (on which is contained:)
  • 2 pocket warmers
  • USB cable
  • Blinkytape
  • clear cellotape
  • patterned cellotape
  • timelapse camera + attachments
  • Fisherman’s Friend lonzenges in tin
  • scissors
  • more LED lamps
  • Xacto knife + blades
  • 2 USB batteries
  • spare camera battery
It all fits!

It all fits!