One of the more diverse and eclectic dorkbot presentations in recent memory (look at what was parked outside versus what you saw inside!), the May 2010 installment – officially labelled the 5g5sth installment – featured homemade satellites, craft vans, computer-assisted composition and live music, and finally anaglyph audio-visual projections. As always Dorkbot NYC is held at the incredible Location One non-profit gallery and performance space; and big-ups to Levi for running the show!

Song Hojun made a special presentation, in town from South Korea. His project, the Open Source Satellite Initiative seeks to plant a homemade satellite in low-orbit, and talk back via blinking (in morse code) super LEDs:

Nick Didkovsky presented some JMSL-language computer composition software that he wrote, which creates unpredictable scores, some of which were performed live by loudbang:

Julia Vallera is a Parsons MFA candidate and converted a Ford Tuscany van into her current social practice art project Color Wheelz:

and finally Daniel Iglesia is a Columbia Computer Music Center graduate candidate who presented some anaglyph audio-visual projections – he passed out glasses to assist in the viewing and the results were pretty spectacular! The video doesn’t seem to have the same effect when embedded across the internet, but the pictures do capture some of the moment (yes I keep a pair of anaglyph glasses at the ready in my studio to check things like this!):