Just under two years ago I calculated my at-that-time one-year subway ticket expenses, which totaled just $249 over one year, much less than $1/day. I’ve since been keeping more receipts, compulsively. But I recently acquired a full-time job that majorly assists with travel expenses, and it’s time to retire this project, so I’m following up with my totals and calculations.

Over 1063 days I spent $1,114.75 in recorded subway expenses. I imagine there’s another $20-30 spent unrecorded because sometimes the machines don’t print receipts (although I usually make a note). That’s more than I spent on average from 09/13 to 09/14 but it still only comes out to $1.05/day – pretty darned good if you ask me!

I have my Bianchi D2 – and a work-from-home freelance lifestyle – to thank for saving me an estimated $2000 over those 3 years; and considering the bike ‘paid for itself’ in the first year I had it, and it’s on year 4.4 of operation, it was a sound investment on many fronts.


Time to retire this project – I can finally throw these things away!