Proof that I go outside, here’s a paparazzi photo of me with Sean McIntyre (whom I also posted about yesterday) discussing his all-seeing counter-surveillance watchr project, snagged from the ITP homepage.

(Do ppl still say ‘homepage’ – Did I just say ‘ppl’?)

The photos on that site load from some database; I probably could have viewed the source code, used wget to snatch all the JPEGs, browse the files and find the image without the navigation overlay, but that’s not nearly as fun as hitting Ctrl+R 400 times until the image you want loads and hitting ‘Print Scrn.’ (Ys srsly.) (OH forget it here’s the image)


Of note:

  • I’m not saying the database is biased or anything, but that image of Hannah pops up a LOT more often than mine.
  • Modern internet connex are great; I remember when big-size background images took 5-10 seconds each to load. Nowadays things are pretty much instant. That’s awesome.
  • Crap I just realized you can easily right-click ‘save image as’ from their domain.
  • Of course the folder is Forbidden.
  • Do you have to have a Mac to go to ITP?
  • I don’t recognize this smile project, this vinyl record project, or this spin-disc project; anyone want to tell me what those are all about? (They look cool.)
  • Even in a random slideshow of images, puppets at ITP are a given, as I’ve professed elsewhere.