In the early-mid-90s I penpal’d with a punk rocker in the US Army during the Balkan “Conflict” – properly titled the Yugoslav Wars. I still have the letters but not with me at the moment – I think her name was Mari Segren – yes, a female Army Private, in the ’90s. I met her through Maximum Rock’n’Roll or Slug and Lettuce, I forget. I was amazed at the idea to meet a punk rocker who decided to enlist, and I wanted to give her the support I could from abroad, even as a teen (I was 14, 15…). And I found a certain irony in her being stationed at “Camp Punxsutawney” – I mean, c’mon, PUNX! Images were taken Nov ’95-May ’96; I’m dating them May ’96 for the purpose of Timeline. Captions are her notes written on the back of the photographs. Thanks for reading.

For further reading, here’s one of the earliest mentions of “Camp Punxsutawney” on the web, courtesy of

Five years in Bosnia