This image was not snapshotted by me, but is exactly what I get on my screen annoyingly often now, since the 1.6 “Donut” update for Android phones. Google clearly didn’t test this release across the board, I’ve already had to remove one app (Handscent SMS) that was clearly conflicted for unknown reasons (would force close but continue operating, about every 6 seconds).

And I’m not the only having troubles:

Android: android.process.acore has stopped

The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly

Did Google fumble the Android 1.6 launch?

DONUT! Android 1.6 OTA Update Begins! – (search android.process.acore and you’ll find people with problems)

Sometimes, the acore process will force close when I exit from the calendar to the home screen. And it always takes two force closes for it to finally settle down. Someone has recommended a soft reboot, but a reinstall of all apps would be necessary if you do this, and that shouldn’t be necessary.

Bad Google! BAD!