here’s a pretty cool project: Artwork or Network

the Surface Gallery in Nottingham, UK have installed ‘a blank screen’ and ‘a set of rules’ are put in place to establish a social network of artists, creative peoples, or whoever happens to stumble upon the project.

artwork or network

Of course this approach is nothing new. All of these grid-pixel spaces are mostly derivative of the Million Dollar Homepage website, which netted Alex Tew, well, a million dollars. HOWEVER, rather than advertising and the promise of permanent internet posterity, here you get to see a social network develop live in the gallery (quick, someone hit the refresh button – or F5 on a PC/Linux box!) – and a quick clickthrough on my end shows people using deviantart, blogspot and MySpace (among other sites) to host their content, extending this grid into other networks and showing quite simply how and where artists are using the internet to establish their presence.

I linked to my account. It just made sense. There are plenty of links there to keep people busy, rather than pointing them to a page with my bio or some crap like that (not that I condone it when other people do it, just not for me!).

My mate Karen D’Amico sent me the link, now it’s your turn. Leave a comment and I’ll send you an invite.