recently received an email from Lance Wakeling, the ‘Director and Intern’ of the world’s smallest art fair. he wrote to let all participating artists and persons involved know that the old title of ‘artMarket Mini’ has been pronounced expired, and replaced by a more concise and appropriate name of ‘ART MINI’. taking the ‘market’ out of the name helps separate the inevitable installation from being directly referential of the phenomenon of contemporary art fairs; which of course will remain so, but more through a relational effect rather than pronouncing itself a part of. Lance elaborates:

Architectural models represent both the projected idea and a realization of that idea. ART MINI fails to be well behaved as either an architectural model or an art fair because it is both. Parody and satire are indistinguishable from earnest and literal presentation. Models make it possible to think about the subject in a larger context by seeing it smaller.